About the project

  • Date: August 20, 2021
  • Client: Enterprise North West, Skeoge Industrial Estate
  • Category:
  • Address: Derry, Northern Ireland
Enterprise North West is an enterprise agency hub located in Skeoge Industrial Estate, Derry Northern Ireland. The agency provides business advice and support services, training, conference and meeting facilities, and a range of work spaces ranging from fully serviced individual offices to large office suites and light industrial units.

Enterprise North West. secured the services of TRE Energy to design and build a large roof based solar pv system of 300 KW, consisting of 1200 tier 1 manufactured solar pv panels.

Project Benefits

Enterprise North West Ltd, a Government owned company, and part of Enterprise NI realised the following benefits with their large TRE Energy Solar PV System:

  • Heavily reduced energy costs and substantial direct savings as a result
  • Improved corporate image at a national and local level
  • Large reduction in their carbon footprint
  • More attractive property rentals because of lower energy costs for existing and perspective tenants
  • Higher tenant retention rates because of lower energy costs

Technologies Used

1200 x JA Solar Tier 1 Solar PV Panels
24 x Solis Solar Inverters