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Founded in 2007, TRE Energy is today one of Northern Ireland and Ireland's leading Commercial & Domestic Solar Panel and Renewable Energy solution providers. With over 6000 clients and over 25 years experience in Solar, Wind, Battery Storage and Micro-Grid Solutions we are experts in the sector and specialise in the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of these turn-key alternative energy solutions.
  • Save with Free Electricity
  • Reduce High Energy Bills
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Store Energy for Later Use
  • Profit from Excess Energy
  • Enjoy Energy Independence

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Leading Provider of Commercial & Utility Scale Renewable Solutions

TRE Energy is a leading award-winning Northern Ireland solar panels and micro-grid installation company and one of Europe’s top solar panel installers. Since 2007, we have been trusted by councils and community groups, businesses, farms and homes, to install 1000s of renewable energy systems including rooftop solar and ground mounted Solar PV systems of all shapes and sizes, Ireland, and UK wide. We have also implemented Northern Ireland’s first Micro-Grid Solution for a leading agri-farm. From our head office in Limavady, Northern Ireland and our Letterkenny, Ireland office, TRE Energy provide expert solar panel and renewable energy solutions servicing and installation services to businesses and farms across Northern Ireland, Ireland, and the UK. Contact our expert team today to plan and discuss your next commercial and or agricultural solar PV or Micro-Grid project.

TRE Energy - The Leading Name in Solar & Renewable Energy Solutions

Northern Irelands 1st Micro Grid By TRE Energy

Why Install Solar PV

How solar panels benefit your business

Generate Free Electricity

Solar photovoltaic panels generate electricity when exposed to light, allowing direct use of this free energy.

Save on Energy Bills

Sunlight is free, so once you've paid for the solar panels installation, you can save up a lot on your electric bills.

Cut Your Carbon Emissions

By installing solar panels, you are doing your part to lower your carbon footprint & help protect our endangered planet.

Store Energy for Later Use

Excess electricity generated by solar panels can be stored and later used if demand exceeds production.

Return on Investment

Typical solar panel systems provide free electricity for over 25 years, offering an attractive return and quick payback.

Enjoy Free Hot Water

Solar PV systems can be configured to use free solar energy to heat your water rather than exporting it back to the grid.

25 Year Guarantee

TRE Energy use only Tier 1 products known for their quality & long-lasting reliability, performance & efficiency.

Profit from Excess Energy

If your system is producing more solar power than you need, sell the excess energy to the grid via an Export Tariff.

Enables Energy Independence

Self-generation from solar reduces reliance on grid energy & protection from energy shortages and price hikes.

Save Now with TRE Energy Commercial Solar Panels

Plug into great savings by installing TRE Energy Commercial Solar Panels today! Generate your own electricity using solar power, and constantly save per year on your business electricity bill.